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“-Swirling guitar melodies, sonic shifts and somewhat anguished, emotive vocals from singer Sam.” (Westword 10/12/22)


Over the last year and a half Bleak Mystique has developed their sound through prolific experimentation, with each release more focused and catchier than the last, all without losing their signature iconoclastic attitude. Since their debut release in May of 2021, the band went on to release 9 songs in 2021 (counting a Christmas cover), and 10 songs in 2022 (plus an 8 track b-side and live album).  In 2023, they plan to release 5 singles (and a handful of re-recorded sessions courtesy of KMG Studios, and Lance Townsend Studios), and a couple of music videos.


“Bleak Mystique delivered a performance that was rooted in the spirit of the band – loud, exciting, and intense.” (DU Clarion 01/31/22)


The band has built an ever-growing local following playing shows in their hometown of Denver, in neighboring cities of Fort Collins and Boulder, and beyond. They kicked off 2023 with a show at Lost Lake Lounge in Denver before traveling north to The Coast in Fort Collins at the end of January.  They plan to continue gigging locally and beyond throughout 2023 with two tours through the American Southwest announced soon.


“’We definitely have plenty of our own discussions about what goes on in the world and what we think of it,’ Shapiro said.” “’It’s not up to us how people interpret things, and if they interpret it and it means something to them then, it’s fine’ Hutchings said.” (303 Magazine 01/26/22)


Bleak Mystique has undergone many iterations of band members, always with the duo of Sam Shapiro (guitar, lead vocals) and Aidan Hutchings (Bass) at its’ core.  The pair met at the University of Denver in 2018 and began playing in different bands together until they formed Bleak Mystique in Spring of 2021, after Covid lockdowns effectively ended any prior projects. The band is really hitting their stride with the current  lineup of Sam Shapiro on guitar and lead vocals, Mitch Segura on rhythm guitar, keyboard and backing vocals, and Aidan Hutchings on bass and backing vocals.


“-Bleak Mystique is chaotic, haunting, and passionate-“ (The Sentry 10/18/22)


In the studio, the band is known for hard hitting drums, big guitars, and a tasteful balance between modern hi-fi and nods to classic sounds. They are also known to include eccentric interludes and outros throughout their releases, branching into classical and noise-rock territories. They often prefer lush soundscapes with many guitar tracks, stacked vocal harmonies, keys, guitar and vocal loops, and backwards instrumental layers. Their decision to move from their iconic three-piece outfit to their current four-piece reflects their desire to more effectively replicate the sound they have created in the studio, which fans have warmly received. 

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