“Sprinting into the music scene, the band had been playing shows around Denver over the past several months, garnering attention as they stepped into their sound” (303 Magazine 1/26/22). Bleak Mystique draws influence from timeless artists like Nirvana, Foo Fighters, and The Beatles, as well as more modern names like Arctic Monkeys, and Foster the People. Their sound has all the power and emotion of Grunge and Punk genres, while displaying a modern touch in their catchy melodies and instrumentation. “Flowing seamlessly from one song to the next, members Sam Shapiro, Aidan Hutchings and Jack Billeaud managed to sync up in a way that is typically reserved for bands that have been playing together for years” (303 Magazine 5/30/22).


The band played their first shows in Denver, accruing a local following playing at venues such as Larimer Lounge, the Mercury Cafe, The Underground Music Showcase, Lions Lair, Lost Lake Lounge, Cervantes’ Other Side, etc. Bleak Mystique has released 2 EPs in 2021, and began releasing more singles in 2022. “From grunge-inspired anthems to more pop-inspired tracks” (DU Clarion 1/30/22), their sound effortlessly combines punk rock, with nods to The Beatles, and more modern pop artists like Foster the People. They release their first music video accompanying their single “Let’s Pretend” the summer of 2022.